The SECRET to Prospecting your WARM Market!

Sometimes in this business, you hear that you get the best results from your warm market. Some sponsors will tell you the first people you want to talk to are your friends and family. They say that because those are the people that you’re the most comfortable with.

However, if you’re a few years into building your business and it hasn’t grown like it should, you’ll hear the same old things: you’ve worn out your warm market, get out of your comfort zone, do things that you are scared of doing.

That’s why you DON’T prospect your warm market. Prospect your cold market that you have turned into a warm market!

When you’re out in town buying groceries or eating dinner, talk to people, exchange names, learn something about them. Now all of a sudden they’re not really a cold market because you have a connection with them. Now they are a lukewarm market. These types of prospects are easier to talk to because you have a connection with them just like you would your friends, but it’s not so strong that if they don’t want to build business, or think you’re crazy because you’re building a network marketing business, then it’s not going to hurt your feelings nearly as much when you break ties with those people.

In my opinion, the cold market is so much easier because you don’t care what they think when you’re finished. That may sound really bad to people that are brand new, but it’s not so much that you don’t care, it’s that you don’t let their “No” affect you.

That’s the main point. You cannot let other people’s decisions affect your business or your emotional state. If you have ever tried to go out and enjoy a night out with friends, or a dinner date and a movie after you’re in a bad mood you know that you can’t always get your mind back into a have fun state. Your mind is stuck on that negativity because it has such a strong pull on you. Not letting another person’s decision about the business affect you will release you of so much stress.

Another reason it’s good to prospect the cold market is because there are so many more people in it.

This business is not for everybody. It’s just not. There are thousands and thousands of people that do not want their own business. They are happy being an employee.

Why? I don’t know because it’s the greatest business model I’ve ever seen.

The best way to prospect your warm market, is to prospect your cold market with your warm market around you.

Take a look at who you’re talking to. If a person that you’re talking to has no desire to be around people then it might be difficult for them to build this type of business.

I have a good friend that is extremely negative about every possible thing that happens in life. I have only spoken to him about building a business once. I honestly don’t know if he would be good for my team because of his negativity. As I mentioned earlier, negativity is addictive. It is so controlling that if you have someone on your team that is as negative as my buddy is it can bring down your entire groups productivity. their mental state about their business, and that’s not what I want.

Look at how you’re delivering your message who you’re delivering your message to I have never actively tried to recruit any of my family members however I have sponsored two because they saw what I was doing and how happy I was and how excited I got about my business and they wanted to be a part of that. So I think the key is for your YouTube sponsor from your warm Market you have to show them why they would want to be on your team and the earlier you can show them that the easier it will be for you. The easiest way to do that is 2 sponsor from cold Market take that cold Market make it lukewarm and sponsor from there. You can even tried going out and having dinner with your warm Market and actively talk to people while you’re out with them show them how easy it is to talk to waitresses and waiters talk to any type of customer service person that you meet. They will see how you interact with those people and they realize how easy it is and it gets that burning desire in their inside of them that says yes I can do that.

About Michael Finch

Michael is a Serial Entrepreneur, Network Marketer, and Business Coach. He has worked with network marketers from all over the world to help grow successful businesses worldwide.

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